Rooting to 1975 is the beginning of Eskay, when our founder and CEO Mr. Suresh K. Turakhia, arrived in Mumbai to begin his career as an Entrepreneur. Ranging from Oil to Diamonds, Construction to Entertainment, with experience in a fast growing economy Eskay defined its core business based on its competencies and the vision of Mr. Turakhia in the construction industry.

As a step up in vertical integration based on the concerns of quality, cost, and supply time Mr. Turakhia established Eskay elevators in 1994. The turn of the century brought a lot to look forward to as ESKAY strived in its pursuit of delivering a quality product maximizing customer satisfaction in every possible way. With a 3 acre layout and manufacturing capacity of 1000 elevators just on the outskirts of Mumbai we are ideally located at Wada, Thane.

Each unit manufactured under strict quality standards at ESKAY goes through rigorous testing to ensure that nothing but a perfect product is delivered to our customers. Continual improvisational change at our R&D facility ensures technology renewal at par with the international market and delivery of a top of the line product tailored to the minutest detail to meet the requirements of our customer.

Eskay has a whole range of products which include escalators, walkways and car parking systems. Not only elevators but also a part of Eskay is ESKAY Resorts, making us proud owners of the only Glass Pyramid with 75' central height and 120' diagonal height in Asia-Pacific. Eskay Resort is a 7 acre resort in the heart of Mumbai that focuses on health and rejuvenation through state of the art facility.