Elevators and Escalators age like all of us. This means, one day you’ll face the challenge of modernising your system to meet legal requirements, increase carrying capacity or comfort, reduce energy costs or upgrade equipment in line with current standards.

Since our early formation days we have emphasized on technology and developed a reputation for successful delivery of project modernization. We leverage our extensive know-how to efficiently combine our high-quality components with your existing system to create a next generation installation that meets your requirements and current standards and regulations. With a dedicated team of experts who specialize in understanding your requirements and blending it with their extensive knowledge and engineering skills we offer you the correct guidance and assistance.

Whether we’re using components from our extensive product portfolio or an open-system configuration, we ensure the best fit every time. The end result is the right solution for your residential or public building, office or hotel.


Wear & Tear



Safety & Operator responsibility

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Special Requirements


ESKAY adopts the philosophy of low carbon discharge and cyclic use of resources thereby minimizing wastage of raw material and energy. One example of this is our use of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Gearless Machines which are 93 percent efficient, a favorable comparison to the typical 65 percent efficient traditional Geared Machine.

The Eskay 32 bit high performance serial controller board is manufactured in accordance with EN81 and IS Safety standards, ideal for control of elevators, escalators and parking solutions. The same controller board can also show the system status, parameters and offer real time display of the machine’s operation curve.

A Data Network System based on fieldbus makes our control units measurably more efficient, accurate and reliable.


One R & D alongwith our design team has worked out some packages to suit your elevator which will convert it into a state – of – the art elevator to suit your budget

We do partial modernization or a complete modernization

Partial Modernization normally consists of replacing the controller to a variable Voltage Variable Frequency Microprocessor elevator. Buttons and indicators too become part of this package. Cabins of different SS finishes which look more elegant to suit the landing architrave and lobby.